Research topics include, but are not limited to:

Business process modeling and analysis

  • Languages, notations and methods
  • Reference models
  • Process composition and synthesis
  • Process model repository management
  • Process model similarity
  • Process model configuration and variability management
  • Simulation and static analysis
  • Meta-data and semantic reasoning
  • Process patterns
  • Process quality
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • Aspect-oriented process modeling

Process architectures and platforms

  • Process-oriented software architectures
  • Service-oriented architectures for BPM
  • Workflow management systems
  • Security of process execution
  • Automatic planning for process execution
  • Resource management for process execution

Management of process execution data

  • Process tracing and monitoring
  • Dynamic process analysis and process performance measurement
  • Process mining and learning
  • Process data warehousing
  • Data streaming in business processes
  • Process data visualization

Process evolution and flexibility

  • Process exception handling
  • Process change management
  • Monitoring of and provenance support for change
  • Adaptive and context-aware processes
  • Case handling
  • Process-enhanced groupware

Management Issues and Empirical Studies

  • Business process lifecycle management
  • Requirements modeling and process design
  • Success factors and measures in BPM
  • BPM governance and compliance management
  • Relationship between business strategy and business process
  • BPM maturity
  • Adoption and practice of BPM
  • Success stories and experiences in BPM practices

Non-traditional BPM Scenarios

  • Distributed process management
  • Knowledge-intensive processes
  • Data-driven business processes
  • Distributed and mobile processes
  • Inter-process planning and coordination
  • Scientific processes / grid workflows
  • Process management in the life sciences
  • Process management in e-health systems

Challenges of BPM in enterprises and governments

  • Requirement acquisition around business processes
  • Innovative BPM implementations and applications
  • The impact of BPM on information technology use and business practice